Arup Competition London


No.8@Arup Installation Competition 2017, London

Shortlisted project

The Story of Making could be interpreted as a cycling system of composition and decomposition of elements. The sharing of this creative process contributes to the realization of a Circular Economy model: it allows everyone to enter into this open circular system.

We wanted a recycled material as the main actor of our design concept. Nowadays plastic is recycled but not as much as it should: it’s necessary to reduce plastic production and to be able to use it more times. This is possible because P.E.T.E. follows the cradle to cradle concept. For this reason we decided to use this technology in our project by adopting a recyclable polyester fabric for the cladding. 

The installation has been thought with only two geometric models differently combined to compose the three shapes: a hemisphere and a section of sphere.

A dimmable light system is hanged to the primary frame.  The light shows gradual variations in relation to the input received from a “Cloud” portal. This gradual variations will comunicate that some new potential processes of Circular Economy are developing. Every user who enters the “Cloud” portal can upload an image, a drawing or an idea about a way to reuse the polyester. Everyone will be able to display and to vote the ideas. The most displayed idea will give the installation the possibility of a new life, becoming something different and new.